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Welcome to Laboratory of Research in Pathokinesiology

Since 2000, the laboratory of pathokinesiology is being part of the institute of rehabilitation Gingras-Lindsay of Montreal. Research activities have taken place in partnership with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR) whose mission it is to:

"...contribute comprehensively to the autonomy and social integration of persons with physical disabilities, through basic research, clinical epidemiological, evaluative and applied research, in both the biomedical and psychosocial domains".

The Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal (IRGLM) has been involved in research since the early 60s. Research is part and parcel of its mission statement.

In 2006, research was given strategic importance within the organization through the creation of a Directorate of research. Since its inception, it has developed close ties with the Directorate of education as well as with the Directorate of rehabilitation technologies.


Training and teaching

The researchers of the IRGLM ensure the training of graduate students (masters, doctorate, and postdoctoral training) as well as the supervision of research clerks.

They supervised 82 students in 2008-2009 against 68 in 2007-2008.

The number of students fluctuates from year to year, but a clear increase in doctoral students has been observed. Fluctuations should also be foreseen in the years to come since bachelor's degrees in physiotherapy and occupational therapy have been replaced by professional masters degrees for students registered in Quebec universities.

Research Axes

The interests of researchers of the Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal (IRGLM) are spread throughout the research axes and themes of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR):

  • Axis 1: Sensory, motor and cognitive functions and activities
      1. Theme 1: Functional mechanisms
      2. Theme 2: Physical and cognitive activities
  • Axis 2 : Social participation and inclusion & rehabilitation services
      1. Theme 1: Interpersonal relationships and support, life environment, community , social and civic life
      2. Theme 2: Services, systems and policies

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social participation and adaptation of society to promote the inclusion of persons with physical disabilities.

Through their work and close cooperation with the clinicians, the researches of the IRGLM contribute to the advancement of rehabilitation sciences and the implementation of evidence-based clinical tools.